You know you’ve taught them well when you don’t need to anymore!

I have had two magical days with block 2.  I need to brag.  It’s the end of the year and this ENTIRE class has been participating and leading themselves in creating a physical theatre piece set to a spoken word poem a student from our school wrote and got on NEPR.  It started yesterday when B started talking to the class and saying “Ok from the tree pose!  Come on J!  No let’s do this, let’s do it that way…”  Others joined in.  C. walked in and my jaw dropped that she was ok with joining, she skipped the entire rest of the year!  No she’s fully participating and laughing.

I am usually such a control freak in my class.  I never thought I would be but there are some reasons to be.  Sometimes, when you give then the reins they do what block 2 did.  Sometimes they don’t so I often, now that I’ve grown, try to hand leadership over to them.  I believe in the I do we do you do model which in theatre looks like, I show you how to do something – for example, freeze like a living statue.  I use a lot of youtube videos for exemplars, then we all do it together and I coach, yell out things constantly do things in tiny parts and give tons of feedback, sometimes going back to exemplars or using students as such.  But when I go to the “you do” anything can happen.  They can do it but lack luster.  they sometimes all sit down, they sometimes get too goofy and I need to step in saying stay in character!!!  And my favorite, they start to fight with each other.  No my favorite is when they just can’t think of anything.  Or it takes them sooooooo long.  So, my big lesson I constantly learn is when to SHUT THE HELL UP.  🙂  Those are the times when they got this!


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