My school is awesome.

With the last few posts, I may have made it seem like I work with a lot of assholes.  There are certainly those who don’t get our students and should not be here.  There are racists and those who take things personally and those who want to be the students’ friend and those who are simply mean.  Yes.  But I work with many wise hardworking selfless people.  I’ve been in a bit of a tail spin about that in fact.  One of those people, Coach E. is leaving for PR next year.  She works with ELL students, in kind and gentle.  praises applauds and gives her life to this school.  Students feel safe and loved in her class.  And extra bonus, nothing gets by her she can be so tough and so kind.  What will we do with out her??

Our Adjustment counselor, who for years has handled way more than her case load and taken countless kids to the hospital for sucidailty, filed for abuse at home, led groups empowering the! bullied started a young mothers and then a young fathers support group, led for years a support group for students with severe illnesses like sickle cell TAUGHT them all so much and handled the burden of our most horrific cases…retiring.  She was always the person to call.  What will we do with out her.

My mentor who has a room right down the hall who is a teacher leader who is honest, professional, kind, always solution oriented…moving.

ugh.  All my peeps are leaving.

I need to make a new mental list.  One that highlights all the amazing talent and people we still have here.  Because we are strong


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