I have decided to write about my experiences at school 180 times between our first day on the last day of August and our last day in June.  180, huh?  Where did I come up with that number?  When I first thought to do this during PD week and a half, yes, our week of meetings before school even starts, I immediately dismissed it.  Too much, tooooooo much to do.  It kept coming back to me and I kept writing.  I realized it is because I am fully committed this school year and reflection just has to be a part of that process.  It took me until now, actually September 13th, to actually post anything.  So yeah, huh!  I’m already behind and I predated things, which I feel is cheating, but for the sake of chronological sense making, I will go on.

I read my passage about the first day of school over and I realize that after two weeks so much has already changed.  My block one is amazing, Ihave had it out a couple time with my drama two because they are already letting me down and acting like entitled snots that upper classmen can often be, I’m having a blast in my life skills class although I’m still feeling my way through and I’m still having a blast.

This was not so last year.  Upon reflection this summer, I really came to realize this.  I felt as if I had one foot out the door even though I had no where to go, no other school I’d rather teach at or profession I wanted to go to.  I was simply depressed and full of anxiety that got the better of me and I did the bare minimum.  I look back and the year was lack luster at best.

This year I have painted myself into multiple corners but setting plans in motion that I can’t reverse.  It’s great.  This year is going to be great.


Day One Part Two

Next block, right after. Another drama one and there were some personalities. I got though.

Next, my block off. PHEW! I called the teacher of the life skills students and set up a time to meet. I want to do this right. I have never taught a learning disabled student before.

Then my IB theatre class came in. A two year, rigorous honors course. Two levels of the course in the same block. Its fine I can do two completely different things at once and meet the demands of tis prescribed course just fine…and they are sometimes my worst behaved. Whether they are grumpy, disruptive, talking to each other and not listening, feeling entitled to break every rule because they are above them or so excited and all wanting to participate at once…It’s like trying to herd cats in a room fully of shiny objects when someone has just dropped a text book.   So I shared excited whispers with them as they entered. Hi welcome back I’m happy to see you complete this quietly shhhhh. It worked, really worked, for ten minuets.

Then the end of the day. I debriefed with my department, wrote my new agenda on the board read some emails, entered attendance, the online attendance and the air conditioning were both down this morning. I really needed to speak with my secretary but she was gone by the time I got to the office. I talked with another set of colleagues about the superintendent and others being in the building today to observe our first day and how no one ever visits my classroom, ever.

Then I wandered home. That was one day.

And I didn’t mention having to fight with an IB kid to comply with anything and I’m really afraid he is suicidal. Or the million kids who asked me where a class was and I had to tell a million of them they were in the wrong building. Or how I sent my lunch block to class a half hour early all the kids from last year I talked with all the wallflowers that hung back after class was over to share with me all their quirkiness because they sense right away they are my people or the crazy sad political situation with the teacher who broke my cup how I ate no lunch or breakfast how I wrangled kids out of the hallway..I’m probably forgetting other crazy things that happened.

I kept my ear to the ground all day. Did anyone know the “stabbing victim?” Did they see it happen? Was he a student here? Did I know him? Did I know the killer? Will they ever arrest anyone? Nothing came out of the woodwork, this time.

I don’t think I’ll sleep tonight. I can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow.

Oh PS, I overheard a student say my class was going to keep her coming to school.

Drop the mic.